What Makes the NCCC Different?

  • The NCCC meets students where they are to help them reach their unique goals.
  • Students have access to 1-on-1 individualized supports, from math tutoring to childcare.
  • Both in-person and online courses are available at a variety of times that work for students’ schedules.
  • A team of dedicated, friendly staff is available to support, to empower, and to plan ahead.
  • Since 2018 the NCCC has provided a bridge to new opportunities, from advanced career potential to further college degrees.

In a nutshell, the NCCC empowers you to reach your college goals.

Our Mission

The mission of the Northfield Community College Collaborative (NCCC) is to provide a quality and accessible local community college option with support services that empower all students in Northfield to reach their college potential.

How Do We Accomplish This?

The NCCC partners with community colleges in Minnesota to offer their accredited courses and career pathway programs in a classroom setting in Northfield. All classes are taught by the community college faculty.

Work With Us

The NCCC is looking for college professors and tutors. Professors are paid through Riverland Community College, and tutors are volunteers. Please see the contact information listed below.


Thanks for your interest in supporting the NCCC. Please see our prospectus for more information about the impact of the NCCC and what you can accomplish by making a donation.

To make your donation:

Visit the HCI Donation page and choose “Northfield Community College Collaborative” from the dropdown menu.

Thank you for your support!